Accidental Iceland Visit

**This is the first attempt to catch up on our recent travels. Hopefully it continues!

2 people. 2 backpacks. 19 days over seas.


IMG_3333_1Flying over Greenland!

On our way to Europe we had a layover in Iceland. We were scheduled to be there for an hour or so before continuing on to Amsterdam but after a few hours of waiting at the gate we learned that our plane had some issues. The airline had overbooked the flight (like airlines often do) but unfortunately everyone shown up and the replacement plane they had on hand was much smaller than the original. Basically they had to kick 22 people off of the flight. It was a mess to say the least. They asked for volunteers to take a flight 8 hours later in exchange for 400 Euro/person. The process was taking so long we decided to take the later flight and get some extra cash for the rest of the trip.

Unfortunately most of our time in Iceland was spent in the airport… but we were given some food vouchers and a taxi voucher so while we were there everything was free :) Walter, a local taxi driver, drove us around the area so we could see as much as possible in the hour we had to spend outside the airport. It was wonderful! We went to a bridge that crosses the edge of the Eurasian tectonic plate, a geothermal steam geyser, a light house and the beautifully green coast.



After setting up our tripod, Lucas said, “let’s give the tour bus a show and I’ll pretend to propose.” He got down on one knee, pulled a small box out of his pocket and surprised me with a ring! This was the best start to the trip I could have imagined!








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