Philadelphia – NFDA

Twice a year I get to visit a big US city for a national industry convention (for work). Conventions aren’t exactly my cup of tea but I enjoy the chance to explore a new city and do some non-desk work : ) I’ve been to Philadelphia once before but didn’t get a chance to see the Terminal Market last time (the best thing in the city!) so this trip I ate almost every meal there.

The video team at work needed footage of the convention process so I got to experiment with the time-lapse setting on my phone. It is fun to watch the two day set up process happen in less than 2 minutes.




img_0179_1Heather : ) She is the best set up partner in the world! If there was a booth set up competition we would definitely win. Also, it is fun to travel with her twice a year and catch up since we don’t usually work together at the office.


img_0195_1We work hard during the day then party hard in the evenings (aka try fun new restaurants). The hot chocolate here should be advertised as sipping chocolate. It tastes delicious but is way too intense to finish a whole cup. I did fall in love with the “hug mugs” though. Such a clever design.



img_0228_1One of my favorite parts of conventions is getting to pretend to be a florist. The opportunity only happens a few times a year so I always look forward to it. Having this little shop so close made my life a lot easier.


img_0232_1Unfortunately I took this picture when I stopped by (for my new favorite cookies) on my way out of town and they were sold out! Picture the M&M cookie but peanut butter cookie with mini Reese’s Pieces inside and the outside. It is divine. I found out they can be ordered online if you want to try the heavenly cookies for yourself. I love you Hope’s Cookies!




img_0247_1Before leaving the city we walked around and ended up doing a city temple tour. Above is the inside of a beautiful Masonic Temple. We learned it is either one of or the largest and most ornate in the United States. We also stopped at a large Catholic Cathedral and the newly built LDS Temple.




img_0258_1A group of people outside the temple asked me to take their picture and then I ended up running into them a few days later at Battery Park in NYC! We live in a small world.


img_0265_1At the end of the week I caught a bus (for $5) that took me to New York City where I met my mom for a fun weekend in the Big Apple!

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