2016 Christmas Card


2016 is a year we never want to forget. If someone would have told us we would travel as much as we did this year and encounter the different opportunities (both good and bad) that we’ve seen we would have said they were crazy! But the busy schedules have been well worth the memorable adventures. As usual, I’ve taken WAY too many photos so we couldn’t pick just one for our Christmas card… instead we picked 12 to represent something exciting from each month. Here is a short breakdown about where they were taken : )

January  |  Aruba – I found some really cheap plane tickets to Aruba so we took a spur of the moment trip with some friends to get some sun, scuba dive and escape the rainy winter here.

February  |  Cape Kawanda – We spent a weekend in Pacific City on the Oregon Coast.

March  |  British Columbia – We’ve always wanted to go to Canada so we spent a long weekend road tripping around BC. We drove from Portland to Vancouver, ferried over to Victoria and back then drove to Mount Whistler and home.

April  |  Chichen Itza – This year I started working with the Escapes team at work and helped plan the special events on the company incentive trip to Cancun, Mexico. We couldn’t leave without seeing the ruins!

May  |  Home in Lotus – It was nice to go home in the spring for Dillon and Alyssa’s wedding (Lucas’ older brother).

June  |  Columbia River Gorge – A friend from out of town came to visit and we took them to one of our favorite places in the area, Oneonta Falls.

July  |  Hallstatt, Austria – After saving up both money and PTO days we finally got to take a trip to Europe! Hallstatt was one of our favorite stops.

August  |  Cannon Beach – On a whim I responded to a Facebook add from a photographer looking for a couple to shoot in return for free photos. It was a great trade :)

September  |  Crater Lake – It was a long drive to get there, and flippin’ cold at the top, but totally worth the view!

October  |  New York City – My mom and I finally found an opportunity to go to NYC together like we’ve always dreamed about!

November  |  Napali Coast, Kauai – A miracle happened and I lucked out to go on a site visit for next year’s incentive trip to pick out the special event venues.

December  |  Forrest Park – Since December hasn’t come yet this year we used our holiday card photo from last year to fill the square : )

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